Our company offers following positions for the construction of public and private facilities:

  • stairs
  • railing
  • balcony railings
  • french balconies
  • advertising stands
  • shelters
  • gate
  • fences

Our company is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing various types of stairs. Taking into account the capabilities and customer requirements, we will help you to choose the best design options for stairs and materials for the stairs. Stairs are designed taking into account the features of the interior. Our company offer following types of stairs:

  •   screw
  •   spiral
  •   stair string

As a material for steps can can be used  wood, plywood, granite, concrete or glass. Railings, balcony railings and French balconies can be made of black metal, followed by painting or stainless steel according to the project and customer requirements in various combinations (with glass, with wooden handrail, etc.).